A hand-drawn portrait is a unique artistic expression used to celebrate or memorialize your loved one.

Paul says:

“It is my pleasure to produce a piece of fine art that will honor your loved one, and I take your trust very seriously. I strive for, and guarantee, your complete satisfaction.”

Portrait Creation

Using high quality, professional grade artist materials, high grade pencils with the highest industry standards for lightfastness and a special paper with a unique textured surface Paul creates the life-realistic image which seperates his work from a convential painting or photograph.  This can then be mounted on museum board or other medium as you prefer. For best results, Paul recommends the portrait is viewed naturally, as with a traditional painting, though you may choose professional framing if you feel the surface is vulnerable to damge, by children, or visitors, for example.

After you have selected the primary reference photo, [please refer to photo guidance below] Paul will send you an image of the draft portrait indicating the basic layout. This is the point at which you may make any suggestions or changes – for example, you may prefer to view your subject in the surroundings photographed, or you may prefer to have a substitute background, or simply without any distractions on the canvas. Further changes are limited beyond this point, and may be subject to additional cost. On approval of the draft, Paul will begin the detail work, he will send you periodic updates and an image of the completed work when it is ready to ship. At that point, you complete your payment. The Artwork will be securely sealed in acid free materials, wrapped securley, and insured for the purchase value.

A variety of couriers are available dependant on your geographical location.

Tips For Getting The Best Photographs

A clearly focused, well-lit photograph works best. The pet should fill most of the image area, with the eyes clearly visible. Paul is happy to consult with you about which reference photos he feels will produce the best portrait, and there is no charge for this.

Comparison of Reference Photo and Final Portrait    

*It’s important to consider how you take your pet’s photograph. Paul recreates the image you see naturally, and a camera has s fixed lens which is rarely set at the same focus as your eyes, so, when you photograph your pet, position yourself at the pet’s eye-level, move away a metre or two [6 feeet] and use the zoom feature for a close-up – with most cameras this will more closely mimic the image you naturally see. If you sit too close to the subject, the image may be distorted, and your pet’s nose can appear larger than normal.

*Mobile phones have mostly replaced many standard family cameras and the photos produced are insufficiently detailed, so please remmeber to save the image to the highest resolution.

*Take several photos, preferably in natural light. Indoor near a window, or outdoors in shade are good choices. Do not use a flash.

*It may help to have someone assist you, standing next to you or behind you and offering treats or toys. It is not necessary to have your pet face the camera head-on. Photos taken at a slight angle but showing both eyes are ideal. I need to see the eye color.

*The angle and pose of the photo will be the same in the artwork. Paul can eliminate background or collars, but cannot change the pose.

*Please send photos in high resolution, as a jpeg image of at least 1-3MB, and do not use a zipfile for emailing. I enlarge the photos to life size, and if that view is blurry or pixilated it cannot be used for this purpose.

Comparison of Reference Photo and Portrait Drawing

By arrangement,  photos can be taken for you for a nominal fee, location dependent.

Professional taken photographs can be used – however – you MUST enclose written confirmation of release from the photographer to enable use as a source photograph. Usually, those photos are not right for portraits because they use lighting that eliminates shadows and other details that make a hand-drawn portrait come to life.

Your Commisioning Investment

At the time of your order, an estimate of the cost (see below for examples) will be provided. The price includes packaging, but not framing. A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required to secure your place on my schedule, order supplies, and commence the work. The balance is due upon completion of the portrait (plus any applicable taxes and shipping).

Prices are estimated based on size and complexity of the portrait. The following are general guidelines:

A4 210x297mm 8.3in x 11.7in.              Head & Neck, One Subject, No Background: £650

A3 297 x 420mm 11.7in x 16.5in.          Head & Neck, One Subject, No Background: £750
                                                                    Full Body, One Subject, No Background: £850      
                                                                    Head & Neck, Two Subjects, No Background: £950

A2 420 x 594mm 16.5in x 23.4in.          Head & Neck, One Subject, No Background: £850
                                                                    Full Body, One Subject, No Background: £950      
                                                                    Head & Neck, Two Subjects, No Background: £1,050

A1 594 x 841mm 23.4 x 33.1 in.             Head & Neck, One Subject, No Background: £950
                                                                    Full Body, One Subject, No Background: £1,050      
                                                                    Head & Neck, Two Subjects, No Background: £1,150

Bespoke portraits are quoted upon request. Please use the contact form to discuss.

*Copyright remains the property of the artist. I may use images of the artwork for promotional purposes, but your identity, personal information and privacy remain my priority. You may not reproduce the artwork for any purpose without my written permission. I keep a digital copy of your portrait on file, so you may purchase reproductions.