Animal Artistry

The art of capturing an animals presence, it’s very essence, has been practiced for centuries.

From cave drawings of wild creatures to oil paintings of posed horses, and water colours of meadows with farmed animals wandering.

Today almost every-one is able to snap a digital picture with a phone camera, but the resulting image fails to capture the spirit within.

It is quite notable that even most current computer displays are unable to accurately display the detail and hyper realistic images created by Paul.

Paul Arrowsmith

Paul has always been a keen artist. Since his school days he has drawn for pleasure and to preserve memories.

As a young man Paul studied fine art and art history at colleges in England, where he developed his skills and insight.

After many years of developing a unique technique with pencil he is able to capture that rare etherial quality, the very essence of an animal’s self.

Starting with a high definition photograph Paul transposes your prized animal to a special paper for your pleasure and to preserve your memories.


We all have our favourite animal, pet, or best friend – indeed many live in our homes and form a part of the family.

Sadly, like us, they do not live forever. By commissioning a re-imagining of your favourite photograph you can recall those special moments you have shared together.